Are Your Affairs in Order?

It is a big presumption to think that your affairs are in order if you have not met with an experienced estate planning attorney to make your plans known. Estate planning is complex, and certain rules must be followed or else your final wishes will be replaced with the state’s default rules for managing estates. Don’t leave your loved ones behind with a lot of undue stress and legal matters to contend with after your passing.

One of the newest issues for managing the affairs of planning your estate has arisen over the last couple decades as our medical technology has improved. We are now able to keep people in alive, but unconscious states for longer than ever before. Families are left in the painful position of having to decide whether their loved ones would w
)ant to be kept alive in that state. A Tennessee estate planning attorney can discuss all of the options for advance directives so that you can make an informed decision for your medical future.

Estate planning is not just about planning for the status quo—it is about anticipating the surprises and changes to come in the future. Having your affairs in order requires speaking with someone that has seen it all and is ready to guide you through all of the possible scenarios that you probably do not expect. It is not uncommon to find that the people that feel the most confident about having their financial affairs in order are the ones that are the least prepared for the possibilities that could make their current plans less feasible.

The adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure especially rings true when it comes to estate planning. Unforeseen events and incomplete planning can lead to a lot of undue heartache for your loved ones. More unfortunately, it is usually too late to make changes after you realize that your planning has been incomplete. Skilled and experienced estate planning attorneys in Tennessee help you avoid making mistakes that lead to unintended consequences.