Nashville Bankruptcy Attorneys Put an End to Creditor Harassment

Our lawyers bring peace of mind to families working to get out of debt

Many state and federal laws have been enacted to protect consumers from being harassed by creditors. Unfortunately, creditors ignore these laws because too many consumers are unaware of the protections they have and their rights to be compensated when creditors break those laws. At The Nevin Law Firm in Nashville, our skilled bankruptcy attorneys can help you put an end to the upsetting creditor harassment. We are a father and son law firm that is committed to helping families get out of debt peacefully, with the dignity they deserve.

How can you put an end to creditor harassment?

The best way to have creditors stop is to retain an experienced Nashville debt relief attorney. If you have an attorney representing you as you try to get out of debt, all you need to do is notify your creditors of your attorney to make the harassment stop. Our Nashville debt relief attorneys are then responsible for taking all of the creditors calls and it becomes illegal for them to contact you directly in any way, shape or form. You are entitled to recover monetary damages every time creditors abuse the law and contact you after notifying them that you are represented by The Nevin Law Firm.

Types of creditor harassment

Creditors have lots of different ways that they like to antagonize and provoke their debtors. Every method is immoral and illegal. Your best weapon to protect yourself these attacks is to have a Nashville credit relief attorney to protect you from the harassment and penalize creditors that violate the law. The most common forms of creditor harassment include:

  • Contacting employers or neighbors about your debts
  • Using offensive or insulting language
  • Threatening to repossession without the legal recourse to do so
  • Publishing your name as a debtor
  • Contacting you via mail in a way that indicates that you are you are being contacted by a debt collection agency
  • Calling you repeatedly
  • Threatening you, your children or your government benefits
  • Contacting you without disclosing their identity
  • Using deceptive conduct
  • Contacting you at unreasonable hours
  • Calling you at work


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If you are tired of all of the creditor harassment, we put an end to it. Our Nashville creditor relief lawyers at The Nevin Law Firm can be reached by calling (615) 244-7708 or by contacting us online. We are conveniently located across from the Old Historic Courthouse in downtown Nashville. We have ample parking and nearby public transportation for your convenience.