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Being buried in debt is emotionally crippling. Millions of Americans are suffering through the stress of enormous debts with extraordinarily high interest rates they can never pay off. Creditors enjoy collecting interest payments from you as long as possible and go out of their way to make bankruptcy sound like a death sentence. The father and son team of bankruptcy attorneys at The Nevin Law Firm in Nashville have helped countless Tennessee families get out of crushing debt and get a fresh start on their future. We help you find the light at the end of the tunnel.

How do you know when it is time to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy?

The main question people have when facing insurmountable debt is at what point is it more worthwhile to file for bankruptcy than it is to try to pay off the debts. Unfortunately, there is no specific answer that works for everyone. Our Nashville bankruptcy attorneys spend time with our clients to go over the factors that help make the decision about when it is time for a fresh start financially. The amount or debt, types of debts and average income are the three biggest factors that go into making the decision. The breaking point is never the same for any two people. What matters is finding the most advantageous time for you to file for bankruptcy based on your personal circumstances.

Our Nashville bankruptcy attorneys consider filing for bankruptcy the beginning, not the end

Filing for bankruptcy is not the end—it is a beginning. Our clients are almost always surprised about how positive the experience of filing for bankruptcy was for them. The benefits go beyond the stress of only getting deeper in the whole each month being lifted off of your shoulders. Hiring our Nashville bankruptcy lawyers gives you financial advantages for your future without having to give up nearly as much as you would expect. The benefits of filing for bankruptcy include:

  • Elimination of unsecured debts
  • Putting a stop to home foreclosure
  • Stopping creditors from garnishing your wages every paycheck
  • Getting a fresh start from credit cards debts
  • Putting an end to creditor harassment


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