Reasons Why You Need a Last Will and Testament in Tennessee

The adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is particularly true when it comes to estate planning in tennessee. Too many people in Nashville put off speaking with a Nashville estate planning attorney leaving their loved ones with a lot of unnecessary stress to go along with their grieving. Planning for your estate by executing a will can prevent families from being torn apart and let your loved ones sleep soundly in knowing that your final wishes are being carried out as you would have wanted.

Tragedies often happen unexpectedly, and families are left trying to guess at what the deceased would have wanted with their remains and their assets. Unfortunately, even telling your loved ones orally or in a hand written document is not always enough for Tennessee probate courts to issue orders after your passing. Most of the final wishes that people have cannot be carried out without a properly executed will.  An experienced Nashville estate planning attorney can make sure that your will is executed in accordance with Tennessee law to protect your interests after your passing.

Loved ones that pass away without a will can lead to families being torn apart by legal battles in probate courts. Families wind up fighting lengthy and emotional battles over everything from the division of assets to what should happen with your remains. The aftermath of the fighting in probate court leads to wounds that never heal. Some familial relationships never heal afterwards. The lack of estate planning puts your loved ones in a position where they become adversaries due to not knowing what your final wishes were.

It is in the best interest of you and your family to speak with a Nashville estate planning attorney if you have not formally executed a final will and testament. Doing so will minimize the emotional toll that your loss will have on them. A properly filed and executed will minimizes the stress of dealing with the aftermath of your passing and helps your family sleep soundly at night knowing that they abided by your final wishes as you would have wanted.